Value Creation Services

Below is a sample of the many ways in which The RobinsonEdwards Group can work with your company to create value.

Strategic Planning: Having a road map that outlines a course of action to achieve the strategic vision of the company increases the ability of a firm to create value

  • Work with management team and board to clearly articulate goals and measures of success for a 3 – 5 year period
  • Assess where the company is today relative to the measures of success and establish targets
  • Research best practices, benchmarks and industry data as necessary
  • Craft a plan that identifies the highest impact initiatives, defines implementation steps and determines accountability measures
  • Coach the CEO through the execution of the plan

Strategic Innovation: In high growth situations or situations with a high degree of uncertainly, having processes and systems in place to support learning is critical for success

  • Establish a planning process supportive of innovation
  • Review and design processes, policies, structures supportive of the organization’s goals
  • Work with leadership team to build and/or maintain capacity for continuous learning and innovation

High Impact Initiatives: Execution of other consulting projects to support growth of company

  • Identify a set of high priority initiatives that can prepare the company for increased level of value creation
  • Determine the required investment to implement and assess the benefit
  • Create an implementation plan to execute

Transition Support: During times of transition – new CEO, change in ownership, launch of new business division, acquisition of new company, etc. – it is important to lay a solid foundation for success

  • Support the CEO in developing an action plan for the first 100 days of the transition to proactively address issues related to the change and create a strategic agenda that will establish a solid foundation for success
  • Establish clear, effective and efficient guidelines and norms for communications with the all stakeholders
  • Coach CEO through execution of the plan to ensure smooth transition into meeting company objectives

Executive Coaching: Provide executive coaching and leadership development support for the leadership teams

  • Provide coaching on the implementation of strategic issues
  • Identify personal development priorities of individuals on leadership team and devise plan to address them
  • Provide group coaching to teams trying to solve common problems
  • Provide comprehensive life and business coaching to align individual values with business values and increase long-term satisfaction with work and move to sustained peak performance