Creating Value – Maximizing Opportunity

Middle Market businesses are major contributors to the U.S. economy, generating more than $3 trillion in revenue annually in the U.S. and employing over 20 million people. With all their success, however, this vital segment faces a unique set of challenges associated with being in the middle.

Although there is a proliferation of business writing and consulting services readily available today, little of it is directed primarily towards the middle market. Middle market companies, which are too large and complex for small business solutions and not of sufficient scale for corporate solutions to make economic sense, are often left without obvious, viable solutions to their fundamental business challenges.

With over 10 years of experience in strategy consulting across industries, The RobinsonEdwards Group can become your strategic partner in creating value for your middle market company or in maximizing your private equity investment opportunities in that sector.



Company Overview

Middle Market Companies

Value Creation

As the majority of the industries in the United States mature, middle market companies find themselves in slower growing markets, with increased competition – both domestically and globally, and with customers demanding more value at lower prices. More products and services are perceived to be performing like commodities while excessive complexity is raising costs and hindering growth.

A growing number of middle market executives believe strategic innovation to be the key to continued value creation. However, less than half of all middle market companies have been successful in executing strategic initiatives.

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Exit Strategy

Private Equity Firms

Maximizing Opportunity

Over the past several years, a convergence of market forces has changed the landscape for private equity companies. With the increased competition, excess capital, and widespread financial engineering capability, creating historic levels of return for investors has become a greater challenge.

Funds that want to continue to deliver high rates of return are turning their focus to value creation strategies for their portfolio companies that will allow them to maximize their investment opportunities. Complementing their financial expertise, strategy is now becoming a critical ingredient for the success of the funds.

Private equity firms that invest in middle market companies, as an alternative to building an internal group of strategists, are beginning to partner with service providers that have the necessary expertise.

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