The RobinsonEdwards Group LLC is a Dallas-based management consulting firm that focuses on delivering strategic advisory and consulting services to middle market companies and the individuals and investment firms who own them.

Building upon over ten years of experience in strategy consulting across a wide range of industries with Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, small businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and foundations, The RobinsonEdwards Group brings a multi-disciplinary approach to creating long-term shareholder value and enabling innovation.

With an emphasis on translating the best and most recent thinking done for Fortune 500 companies, The RobinsonEdwards Group employs a powerful set of tools to deliver high impact results for middle market companies and maximizing the exit opportunity for their investors.

Specifically we:

  • Develop value creation plans to maximize each investment opportunity
  • Provide executive and team coaching to portfolio company leadership to grow management capacity and ensure successful execution of value creation plans
  • Establish tailored processes to facilitate highly productive relationships between the board and portfolio company leadership

Firm Leadership

The RobinsonEdwards Group is supported by a network of professionals that have extensive backgrounds in strategy consulting and operations. They have worked in and served large corporations, small and medium sized companies, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations.

Cecilia Edwards, President and CEO

Cecilia Edwards is a seasoned strategic advisor and consultant to middle market companies and private equity firms. She works with her clients during any and all stages of the investment cycle to create value and maximize opportunity.  Click here to read her full bio.

Grace Carleton

Grace Carleton  is an experienced professional with diverse executive and management experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Click here to read her full bio.