Exit Strategy

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We must constantly ask ourselves how can we create additional value?
Are we continuing to add value? When a private equity firm has completed
its job, in the first year or after 5 years, it’s then time to move on.
(Henry R. Kravis)

The maximum exit opportunity comes from both realizing the value that has been created in the portfolio company throughout the investment relationship and convincing the next buyer that there is additional value to harvest.

The RobinsonEdwards Group can work with fund managers and the management team of the portfolio company to determine potential sources of value and position the company to take advantage of them in the exit phase.

Benefits of Exit Strategy Phase

  • Identification of potential opportunities for the next buyer to create value
  • An implementation plan to ensure the harvest potential is solid
  • Investment package that accurately reflects the value that has been created in the portfolio company since its acquisition and the harvest potential for the next buyer

General Approach

Work with the fund managers and portfolio company CEO to develop and execute the highest value exit strategy

  • Next Level Preparation – Prepare for the next level of performance to maximize the perceived value of the company to potential buyers
    • Identify a set of high priority initiatives that can prepare the company for its next level of value creation
    • Determine the required investment to implement and assess the benefit
    • Create an implementation plan to execute
  • Package Development – Work with the fund managers, management team and investment bankers to develop an investor package that most accurately reflects the value and growth potential of the company