Acquisition Support

Second Phase of Maximum Opportunity Model

In a new environment for private equity firms, a
logical first step would be to begin investing more
aggressively in due diligence.
(McKinsey & Company)

For the investment opportunities that make it past the preliminary diligence phase, a thorough strategic analysis can set the stage for value creation. While the in-house diligence team, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and others perform the diligence that determines whether the materials presented are factual, the strategic diligence determines whether the value creation opportunity really exists.

Bringing together all of the pieces of strategic analysis necessary to get a deal done, The RobinsonEdwards Group can eliminate the need for multiple vendors to complete the analysis of the company’s operations, management capacity, customers, and industry. This provides the added advantage of being able to paint a complete picture of the value creation potential of the investment.

Benefits of Acquisition Support Phase

  • Assurance that the value creation potential identified in the preliminary diligence phase is valid
  • Understanding of how value can be created with this investment opportunity
  • High level strategic objectives for the investment

General Approach

Support the strategic due diligence for investment opportunities that have passed the preliminary diligence phase

  • Conduct strategic analysis of the company and identify areas of risk/opportunities for value creation
  • Assess the management team’s potential to be successful in a investor-owned context
  • Perform customer and industry analysis to validate the strength of each
  • Develop potential strategic platform for value creation